WWW SQL Designer for Rails (English Version)

WWW SQL Designer comes in handy when you try to draw database ER diagrams on the web. I have hacked the Web SQL Designer to make Ruby on Rails programmers' life easier.

  1. You can generate Rails migration script based on ER diagrams.
  2. Wnen you create a relation between two tables, the automatically generated foreign key has a name "(the singular name of the foreign table) + "_id"following Rails name convention.

A demonstration version is avaiable. (Do not store any important information since the demo website can be closed anytime soon) I recommend you download and install it into your local server. I got the modification done quick and dirty, so please let me know if you spot any inconvenience.

Details of changes

  • index.php Generate Rails migration option has been added.
  • main.js The foreign key is named in Rails style when a table relation is created.
  • objects.js A event handler has been added for generating Rails migration.
  • config.php Web browsers with Japanese language set shows menu in Japanese. Otherwise, they show menu in English
  • Language resource files have been modified under "lang" directory.
  • xml2rails.xsl Newly created.